Shawn’s French Onion Soup

3 Gal- Beef broth (if you are using bullion to make the broth, use 2/3 of what is called for)
14-16lbs- Onions
6oz- Bacon Fat
3oz- Sugar (adjust more or less to taste)
1C- Burgundy or other red wine
6oz- Beer (I use Yuengling or Guinness because that is what I drink)
2tsp- Thyme
1T- Worcestershire Sauce
1Bay Leaf
8oz- Corn Starch
1T- Kitchen Bouquet (not necessary- to taste or color)
Top with toasted roll slices or croutons, provolone cheese, Swiss cheese, Romano or Parmesan cheese, Paprika, and Parsley.

First cut your onions into chunks. I usually cut in half then two slices width wise and three slices lengthwise. Then using a thick bottom pot I sautéed the onions in the Bacon fat. Keep stirring diligently. It’ll take roughly three to four hours to caramelize the onions. Then I add the sugar and Thyme and Worcestershire sauce. And continue to caramelize for another 20 to 30 minutes. Then add in your red wine and beer and reduce for another 20 minutes. At this point I add in my broth. I bring the broth to a boil and let it roll for half hour to an hour. On the side I mix my cornstarch with an equal amount of cold water then add into the boiling broth. At this point it can be done or add in the Kitchen Bouquet. When the soup’s done, ladle into bowls, top with croutons or bread and then later on the cheeses paprika and parsley. Then put the whole concoction under the broiler and toast the cheese.