Cy’s Pizza Building Suggestions

I use my pre-cooked crust. Toppings listed in order, use as much or as little of each ingredient to taste. I usually prepare 6-8oz of shredded cheese per 16in pie.

Top the shell, put in a pre-heated oven at 425F for 8-12 mins (8 for thin pies, 12 for the heaviest), finish under the broiler if the cheese hasn’t browned.

Pizza- Chili Dog
8-10oz of Cheese sauce, 10-14oz chili, 50/50 monterrey jack and cheddar cheese, thin sliced hot dogs on top.

Pizza- Taco
Refried Beans as the base, cheese sauce, taco meat, place 1/2 teaspoon piles of sour cream or guacamole around the pie, drizzle Ortega Taco Sauce, top lightly with cheddar cheese. Finish with thinly sliced olives (or avocado and tomatoes), and/or salsa (Giant sells a great fresh salsa)

Pizza- French Fries
Best with Brown Gravy for sauce and Mozzarella. Alternately, pizza or cheese sauce, also work. In order, sauce, cooked french fries, mozzarella on top.

Pizza- Vegetable
2-4oz Pesto sauce, fresh spinach, sauteed mushrooms, thin sliced eggplant, thin sliced tomato, fresh small chopped broccoli, mozzarella, thin sliced olives, thin sliced red peppers, thin sliced yellow onions, sprinkle lightly with feta. Serve with fresh ground pepper. Also nice with pepperoni.

Pizza- White with Spinach and Broccoli
Garlic + Olive Oil, fresh spinach, fresh broccoli (If you prefer more cooked vegetables, use thawed frozen spinach and squeeze out the water, and saute the broccoli in olive oil), top with Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Provolone

Pizza- Buffalo
Buffalo sauce, finely shredded or chopped chicken, mozzarella with a little cheddar on top.

Pizza- Cheese Steak
We prefer to use leftover steak, or leftover london broil. Cooked and drained ground beef also works. Thinly sliced or finely chopped.
Cheese sauce, beef, top with 50/50 mozzarella and cheddar. On top of the cheese, raw and fried onions go well, as does pepperoni, hot peppers, sweet peppers, or tomatoes

Pizza- Cheeseburger
Cheese sauce, cooked and drained ground beef, 50/50 mozzarella and cheddar, top with thin sliced tomato and dill pickle. Before serving, drizzle with mustard and ketchup.

Pizza- Italian Stromboli
Red sauce, capicola, genova salami, pepperoni, grated/shredded parmesan, handful of chopped onions and handful of chopped green peppers, topped with 50%/50% mozzarella and provolone